In the darkest hours

Your embrace made me safe

In the darkest moments

Your kiss killed my tears


You were there

When someone insults you.

When I Was Your Man | Bruno Mars | Saxophone Cover by Charlez360

Sexier than my body. I’m getting addicted to saxophone covers. And this one. This one really traveled all over my body. Superb!

I am not perfect. But I am not sorry about it.

I am not perfect. But I am not sorry about it.

Reaching you.

Dear my dearest,

I know that recently, I am acting so selfish. Apparently, I am being chased by something I don’t know and I feel I am about to lose you which I am afraid of.

I would like to apologize for all my failures, for all of my doings that caused you pain. I would like to hug you. You know that, don’t you? I don’t really know why am I writing this or where would I end up. But I just feel I want to write for you.

Sweetie, you make me smile like no other can. You make me smile in the most simplest way but with the most perfect feeling. The feeling I cannot deny. You make me smile for reasons I cannot fathom.

Darling, you complete what’s been missing inside of me. When I am with you, I feel like I won’t be alone neither lonely. When I am with you, I feel like I can last a day doing nothing. When I am with you, I feel this slight movement inside of me, inside my heart, shaking me up, making me giggle, making me realize I love you.

Hey, wait. Yeah. I love you, Bi. I love you so much. I love you more more than anyone could and more than anyone would.

Buti pa ang mani, happy. :)

Buti pa ang mani, happy. :)

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There are so many things that I am not for. There are things that I can’t do whatever I do. There are people I can’t keep no matter how much I fight for them. There are times that I don’t know what the hell am I doing in this world. There are situations that I can’t handle and giving up is my only choice. There are instances that whenever I look around, I find nobody else. I just found myself. Just myself. Lost.

But today, and this time of my life. I know that I might not be able to have those. I know that I will never be alone and I will have this someone who will be with me through thick and thin. Yes. This someone.

This someone. Ahmm. Let’s give a name for this someone. Let’s call this someone marshmallow. Yes, marshmallow. Because I do love marshmallows and I do love this someone.

I never thought that Marshmallow will be so special to me. That Marshmallow will be a great part of me. Marshmallow loves me. Marshmallow says so and I can feel it through Marshmallow’s actions.

Whenever I have so many problems and troubles to face, just one hug of Marshmallow. Just one hug. Just one hug then I feel so light that I can never think that I am facing such problems.

How I wish I can keep marshmallow for eternity.



People. They stay in places where they find happiness, where their needs are provided, their wants are satisfied, their longings are filled. It’s a nature. But people. They get hurt. Some people stay despite of being hurt. But most people leave.

Yes. They leave.

A new tattoo

I’ll breathe for you like a new tattoo. In my heart, you’ll stay permanent.

I’m a lover behind your back.

Which song did you want to listen to?

I would really like to sing that for you.

What food did you want to eat?

For you, I would really like to cook it.

Which movie did you want to watch?

I wondered if we could make a catch

Hey, Hey, look I had something for you

Keep this. Take care of my heart.

Hey, hey, I gave this to you but why was it broken?

"You told me to keep it. I kept it."

Yeah. You kept it.

You kept it to the most unseen corner of your life.

The feeling of being an option

It’s like












 Yes. It feels empty, unfilled and nothing.

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